Bison meat
Bison meat

We sold Bison meat for years at the campground we owned, but now, we’re selling from our house. We buy meat from members of the Eastern Bison Association and the National Bison Association; currently, we have 3 suppliers.

Generally, we carry a variety of meat cuts, including burger, patties, short ribs, roasts, ginger maple sausage links, ribeye steaks, sirloin steaks, NY strip steaks, summer sausage, stew meat, cube steak, and hotdogs. The meat is labeled as to cut and supplier and kept frozen.

We also carry cookbooks, information pamphlets, recipes cards, and some gift items.

Currently, we’re open most days, but a quick phone call would be helpful! You can reach us at 540-407-0815 or 540-422-3273.

Stop in and see what we have!